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What are pre-positioned contracts and why you need them

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Some people think that disaster recovery is all about the aftermath of preparing for a possible natural or man-made event. The truth, however, has more to do with planning ahead and taking precautions before they're needed than it does with waiting until everything falls apart in order to start making repairs. 

This article discusses pre-positioned contracts and why you should have one, among other benefits!

Pre-Positioned Contracts for Disaster Recovery

Pre-positioned disaster recovery contracts are a pre-negotiated contract that is in place before the disaster strikes. They can be very beneficial for organizations that are looking to minimize downtime and avoid high costs associated with disasters. The pre-positioned contracts will have an agreement already negotiated so when the disaster does happen, there will not be any haggling or negotiation involved. Organizations may find themselves saving up to 50% of what they would otherwise pay if they were negotiating on their own behalf after a disaster has occurred.

Pre-positioned disaster recovery contracts are just one way companies in multiple industries (such as healthcare, oil and gas, engineering, environmental, technology, and business) can get their ducks in a row when it comes down to emergency preparedness. These contracts save employers from having to worry themselves over how best to handle disasters by giving them someone else who specializes in this issue as well as have much better resources available at hand.

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The benefits of Advanced COntracts

Pre-positioned disaster recovery contracts are a way to manage the risk of losing your business due to unforeseen disasters. Disaster recovery contracts are a way to plan ahead for the worst-case scenario. The more prepared businesses become before disaster strikes, the less complicated they'll find themselves post-disaster! 

Save Time and Expenses 

Pre-positioning contracts in various industries can provide flexibility, save time and speed up processes. This sustainable strategy has been shown to provide a significant boost for organizations, saving them from going back and forth with vendors or suppliers.

The ROI of prepositioned strategies pays off when companies are able to close deals quicker because negotiations are already underway resulting in no delays. 

Due to a lack of reliability and efficacy when a natural disaster occurs, there are many companies that have lost everything because they were not prepared for such an incident. This can be avoided by knowing what you're up against before it happens--and one way to do this is with strategically placed emergency backup options. Pre-positioning these services near your office will help ensure both stability and security during unexpected situations like firestorms or technological disasters which might otherwise cause large amounts of property damage as well as financial losses if unprepared properly beforehand!

Seamless Experience 

Pre-positioned contracts allow for a more seamless experience. The provider will have already set up all of their equipment on your site before you need it so everything is ready to go when needed, which saves time during an emergency situation where every second counts! With better coordination between providers and clients due to this contract type, there's less chance of miscommunication or misunderstanding as well.

At LEMOINE Disaster Services, we have the ability to offer you a seamless experience for pre-positioned disaster recovery contracts so that your business is not reliant on any one person.

We know how important it can be when every second counts, and we work hard to ensure all of our clients are receiving only top-quality service from us. Our company's commitment to a seamless experience for pre-positioned disaster recovery contracts is evident in all of our services. From the initial consultation, through implementation and on-going maintenance, we feel confident you will be satisfied with our work and prepared in case of disaster. 

FEMA: Prepare Before Disaster 

Getting ready for a disaster is not easy, but it's worth the work. FEMA offers grants that can help you prepare your family and home to handle any type of storm or natural disaster before they happen.

FEMA knows best when it comes to preparing for disasters because who is better than them? They have plenty of resources on their website such as free grant opportunities available nationwide from Disaster Relief Funds (DRF) in order to fund projects related primarily through hazard mitigation efforts including preparation activities like retrofitting structures with protective measures, pre-disaster planning meetings; which are mandatory if participating in DRFs Hazard Mitigation Assistance program funding.

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In order to take advantage of these and other contracts offered by LEMOINE's Disaster Services, connect with us today! 

LEMOINE established our Disaster Services group to serve the immediate needs of those affected by the unforeseen. Leveraging powerful resources, relationships, expertise, and tools of the industry already in place, LEMOINE is prepositioned for an immediate response, long-term recovery support, and strategic planning.

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