Disaster Management


Let us help you manage any risks that come with natural disasters

We offer a wide range of disaster management services to help you manage the risks that come with natural disasters, such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and wildfires. 

Management of all disaster recovery services including staff augmentation, material, and equipment rental, establishing base camps, risk assessments, emergency response planning, training and exercise development, financial cost tracking, grant management, and closeout.

Staff Augmentation

One of the most significant limiting factors during disaster relief is manpower. Our subject-matter experts have tremendous experience stepping into larger project teams and acting quickly to help communities recover.

We have the ability to scale, mobilize, and deliver subject-matter experts in the following areas:

  • Management
  • Data collection, management, visualization
  • Construction
  • Program compliance
  • Quality control
  • Inspection
  • Environmental health and safety

Material and Equipment Rental

When it comes to obtaining the equipment you need, no one does a better job than us.

We offer turnkey services and rental units all across North America so that we can provide your department with whatever they may require for any type of emergency on-site.

  • Aerial work platforms
  • Compressed air and air tools
  • Electric tools
  • Portable lighting
  • Power generation
  • Pressure washers
  • Pumping solutions
  • Scaffolding and ladders
  • Utility carts
  • Potable water delivery
  • Restoration drying equipment

Establish Base Camps

At LEMOINE Disaster Services, we specialize in the design, operation, and management of temporary life support facilities (base camps) for disaster relief operations.

With years of experience in the emergency mobilization of assets and personnel following a disaster, our team can rapidly construct large-scale base camps within 72 hours or less of contract issuance to house evacuees, volunteers, National Guard personnel, and essential local, state, and federal contractors.


Risk Assessments

We understand that managers have a lot to worry about, and many don’t anticipate the significant aftereffects of a catastrophe. But we do!

Planning with LEMOINE Disaster Services gets your staff fully prepared for those risk management factors you can't foresee, so they're better equipped when disaster strikes.


All Other Disaster Management Needs

If you’re in the path of a disaster, LEMOINE Disaster Services can serve as your trusted preparedness response and recovery partner.

With a demonstrated track record of results—We can assist with other disaster oriented efforts, including:


Why choose LEMOINE Disaster Services?

Whether preparing for a storm or recovering from a disaster, we work with your team to safely provide the most effective and cost efficient recovery strategies.

Manages large-scale logistics worldwide 

We manage large-scale logistics on a national and international basis and quickly mobilize teams to critical points of need.

Our leadership team consistently meets rigorous program timelines to deliver and expedite relief and recovery efforts.

Led by disaster recovery and construction experts

LEMOINE Disaster Management specializes in project and construction management, disaster recovery coordination, hazard mitigation and grant management, staff augmentation, and preparedness support for government, commercial, non-profit and residential clients. 

Offering comprehensive disaster recovery efforts

Serving in senior federal executive positions, our team members supported comprehensive disaster recovery efforts including hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, ice storms, wildfires, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Get started

We partner before a disaster even approaches because preparation defines resiliency and drives swift response. Leveraging powerful resources already in place, LEMOINE is ready to help before the unthinkable happens. Let’s get started today.