Debris Management


Have you been affected by a natural disaster?

At LEMOINE Disaster Services, we partner with state and local governments to manage and monitor complex disaster debris operations, focusing on compliance, safety, and technology to maximize federal reimbursement.

We’re committed to building resilience among the community and stakeholders alike through not just debris removal operations but also by providing expert guidance on FEMA Public Assistance and grant reimbursement matters that are relevant and pressing for those affected by disasters. 

Lemoine Debris Monitoring (LDM) team offers:

Our management services and capabilities include:

Experienced debris management staff 

Ability to be on-site within 24 hours of activation

The ability and experience to ramp up quickly

Comprehensive staff training

Automated tracking and software solution

Vast FEMA reimbursement experience, including representing local governments and private sector clients with various state and federal funding sources and reimbursement process


Knowledgeable of state and federal funding sources

At LEMOINE Disaster Services we are highly skilled and knowledgeable of the various state and federal funding sources and reimbursement processes, including FEMA, FHWA, and NRCS, as well as highly adept at Federal, State and Local emergency agency coordination. 

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Extensive experience

Our highly skilled people with extensive state government disaster management experience, multifamily and single-family residential construction experience, coupled with our proven teaming partners, capacity, and systems, make LEMOINE an ideal solution to successfully deliver debris monitoring services.  

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Special disaster recovery management services

We bring experience with special disaster recovery program management services that – at a minimum - include:

  • Removal of vegetative debris, white goods, hazardous household waste, construction debris
  • Private property/right-of-entry (ROE) work
  • Waterways clean-up and reimbursement
  • Leaning tree and hanging limb removal
  • Hazardous material removal and segregation
  • Vessel and vehicle recovery
  • Asbestos abatement
  • Data management
  • Hauler invoice reconciliation and contracting
  • FEMA appeals assistance
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Let us do the work

Our team recognizes the urgency in providing disaster recovery services, but we also understand the diligence, control, and protocols needed to properly execute the work in order to receive maximum reimbursement. 

We pride ourselves in responding quickly and effectively and have extensive experience at the local, state, and federal levels in directing emergency operations and logistical operations during emergencies in all 50 states and territories, along with multiple tribal governments. 

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Why choose LEMOINE Disaster Services?

Whether preparing for a storm or recovering from a disaster, we work with your team to safely provide the most effective and cost efficient recovery strategies.

Manages large-scale logistics worldwide 

We manage large-scale logistics on a national and international basis and quickly mobilize teams to critical points of need.

Our leadership team consistently meets rigorous program timelines to deliver and expedite relief and recovery efforts.

Led by disaster recovery and construction experts

LEMOINE Disaster Services specializes in project and construction management, disaster management, hazard mitigation and grant management, staff augmentation, and preparedness support for government, commercial, non-profit and residential clients. 

Offering comprehensive disaster recovery efforts

Serving in senior federal executive positions, our team members supported comprehensive disaster recovery efforts including hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, ice storms, wildfires, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Get started

We partner before a disaster even approaches because preparation defines resiliency and drives swift response. Leveraging powerful resources already in place, LEMOINE is ready to help before the unthinkable happens. Let’s get started today.